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How to Identify your Employee's Training Needs

It can be quite difficult to determine the exact training needs of your employees, but it doesn't have to be. Before making an investment in employee training, it's critical to identify the right type of training that aligns with your organizational goals. Here are a few steps to consider as you develop your employee training and professional development plan.

Step 1: Strategic Plan and Organizational Goals

To optimize your organization's strategic plan, identify and develop employee training that aligns with the strategic plan to achieve company goals. Taking a strategic approach to employee training and development will not only ensure that your company dollars are efficiently spent, but also ensure that your employees are receiving the right type of training when needed.

Step 2: Needs Assessment

Identifying employee learning gaps is key to a successful training and development plan. Implement surveys, focus groups, and evaluation instruments to collect data that will better inform the current skill sets of your employees.

Step 3: Needs Analysis

Once you have gathered data on your employee skill sets, it's time to dig deeper by analyzing the data collected. Remember, the purpose of the needs assessment data is to determine where your employee skill sets currently are. Within the analysis process you will now determine the new skills that are required to meet your organizational goals. The gap that lies between your employee's current skill sets and your organization's required skill sets is where your training and development focus should be placed.

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