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Dear SCD team,

This page is hidden on the live website. When SCD is ready to publish resources, we can just drop them into the database linked to the design below, and then copy and paste this section back into the "resources" page.

SCD L&D Resources

Quality Check for Your Courses

Don’t settle for anything less than excellence. Also keep in mind that not every professional developer delivers excellence or flawless products. It 's hard to make out authentic genius and professionalism from the mere tall claims. So here’s a checklist to help you evaluate a course for quality, relevance, and value based on the following typical parameters (or the pitfalls, sinkholes, and minefields that many eLearning developers are unable to avoid).

Bloom’s Taxonomy of Verbs

This infographic on Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy of verbs progresses from lower-order (LOTS) to higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) and covers all stages of the taxonomy. You can refer to this resource while planning lessons, creating assessments, and designing rubrics.

Storyboard Templates

The storyboard is the roadmap that keeps eLearning designers on the same page and guides them through the plot of a scenario, the logic running through a game, and the visual theme of the course. An eLearning storyboard is like a lesson plan but more expansive in scope. A storyboard doesn’t only lay out the content overheads; it also describes the graphics, videos, and how the scenarios and the games will evolve.

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